February Reading List

I have been doing very well with these monthly reading lists. They definitely seem to be keeping me on track. Here are the books I should read in February to keep myself on track with my challenges. I will add links to reviews as I read them.

1. Keturah and Lord Death (YA, canadian)
2. Peter Pan (decades)
3. Shadow of the Hegemon (cardathon)
4. Firewing (canadian, series)
5. The Slave Dancer (newbery project)
6. A Great Deliverance (GRTB, 1st in a series)
7. Procession of the Dead (this is a review copy. I'm supposed to have a review by the end of the month)


  1. This is a good idea, especially if doing a lot of challenges. I have been doing monthly lists in my mind each month but not officially writing them down. I might though as I do love lists!


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