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The Thinking Machine on the Case by Jacques Futrelle

The Thinking Machine on the Case by Jacques Futrelle
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Written in 1908 this is the first collection in a series of "The Thinking Machine", otherwise known as Professor Van Dusen, short stories. Each story is broken up into two chapters making me think they may have originally been published in a serial manner. Because of the author's name, I had assumed this would be a French detective but no, the man and the cases are American through and through. This is obviously a variation of the Holmes stories even including a "Watson", Hutchinson Hatch, a journalist. Hatch is basically a gopher as he goes out doing the Professor's legwork. Hatch can obtain plenty of information due to his profession making him have friends in both high and low places. The Thinking Machine solves his cases purely with logic, but I found the cases to be over-the-top and improbable even though Van Dusen will put them together with usually only sound logic. I'm …

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