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18. Prague Noir edited by Pavel Mandys

Prague Noir edited by Pavel Mandys
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Part of Akashic's "Noir" series of short story collections, this is probably the best overall book in the series I've read. These are all modern day writers who, I think are commissioned for inclusion in the collection. A wide variety of crime stories that fall under the sub-genre of noir. All taking place in Prague, Czech Republic, I found most of the stories to be excellent and only a few which didn't satisfy me bringing the average rating to a laudable 4/5.

1 - Three Musketeers by Martin Goffa - A man arranges to meet another man in a desolate place. There they begin a conversation in which we learn what the one man's grievance is with the other. Something from the past. A suspenseful story which slowly reveals itself to you, keeping just one step ahead of me. Excellent start to the collection! (5/5)

2 - Amateurs by Stepan Kopriva - Some thieves are about to rob a grow-op run by the Vietnamese mafi…

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