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Pub '08 Challenge

Let's Talk ARCs

Short Story Monday

78. Dolphin Adventure

77. A Ribbon of Shining Steel

76. Last Bus to Woodstock

75. A Foreign Affair

74. Gunpowder Empire

A Grain of Rice

Short Story Monday

73. Vanish

72. Cirque Du Freak

71. Another Thing To Fall

The Wonderful Eggs of Furicchia

70. Capyboppy

The Donkey Prince by M. Jean Craig

69. That Furball Puppy and Me

Three Pigeon Books by Mo Willems

Short Story Monday

68. The Devil of Nanking

67. The Silver Treasure

66. The Arthurian Omen

65. More About Little Pear

Short Story Monday

64. Payment in Blood

Draw Write Now Book 6 Animals & Habitats

Fairy Tale Friday

63. Coyote Autumn

62. In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash