Fairy Tale Friday

#14. Babushka (a Russian legend) - Babushka is an old woman whose only child died long ago. The three wise men rest at her house on their way to visit the Christ Child and encourage her to come also. She decides to come but first must find a present, so she carefully fixes and cleans the old toys of her son. She sets off on her journey to Bethlehem but she has missed the baby and continues on looking for him. Thirty years later, still searching for the baby she sees a man on a crucifix and stops to give her condolences to the weeping mother. From this time on Babushka continues her wanderings but now she leaves a toy, from her basket which never empties, in the home of Christian children and once a year on the birthday of Christ the toys become visible. I love this story!

#15. The Pig Goes Courting (a Hawaiian myth) - Kamapua'a is a pig-like god and he has become infatuated with Pele, the fire goddess. She has quite the temper, a nasty disposition and does not return the feelings. An all out war ensues between them until Kamapua'a calls upon the water elements to put out her fire. Another fun one. I don't think I've ever read any Hawaiian myths before.

#16. Can Krishna Die? (an Indian legend) - the story of how men's foolishness caused their downfall and ended the earthly life of Krishna.

#17. The Lighthouse on the Lake (a Japanese legend) - a woman visits the lightkeeper each night for quite some time. He starts to thinking he may marry her but then he starts to wonder why she would visit him like this and becomes certain that she is a demon whose true nature is to destroy him. Ultimately he causes her downfall and in the end, his own. This story had sexual undertones that I had to edit out while reading to the 7yo. The woman does more than just 'visit' the man. The underlying theme is that of a woman causing her own downfall by giving away her virtue recklessly. The myth also is an explanation of the Japanese hurricanes.

#18. King Arthur Gives Back His Sword (a Celtic legend) - the last tale of King Arthur. Arthur is near death after he has slain Mordred in battle. He asks Bedivere to carry him to the lake where he wants to return Excalibur to the Lady in the Lake.


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