Draw Write Now Book 6 Animals & Habitats

Draw Write Now Book 6: Animals & Habitats - On Land, Ponds & Rivers, Oceans
by Marie Hablitzel and Kim Stitzer

We used this book as part of our curriculum this year with Winter Promise's Animals and Their Worlds. Divided into three sections this book focuses on animals found on land, in ponds and rivers and in oceans. Each page gives step by step instructions to draw the animal and text to copy for handwriting practice. There is also a page at the end of each section with more information on the specific animal and recommended books to read.

My son loved this book with a passion. We soon gave up on copying the text as it was way too much writing for this 7yo. Instead, I had him dictate a story to me and I would write it down. So it became an exercise in creative writing/expression rather than handwriting. The drawing instructions are very straightforward and easy to follow. I would draw the picture right along with him and did occasionally need to help him now and then when he couldn't get something to look just how he wanted it to. I had just as much fun drawing as he did.

My son is very art oriented and draws on his own pretty much everyday. When doing this type of instructional drawing I think it is very important to stress that everyone's drawings will look different from each other's and that the picture in the book is only a suggestion, so the child should feel free to do their own thing with it. The goal is not to create an exact duplicate of the picture in the book, but to use the instructions to help them make their own creation.

Ds enjoyed this book so much that we are adding one to next year's curriculum. Recommended to anyone, young or old, who enjoys drawing.

Here are a few of his drawings.


  1. I love your son's drawings! They are wonderful.

    This looks like an excellent book that both my kids would love - possibly a fun summer enrichment activity. Do you homeschool your 7yo? If so, lucky kid!

  2. Thank you darla! I will tell him you like his drawings. He was really pleased to see I'd put them on my 'book site'.

    Yes, we are homeschoolers. I also have a 19yob who was homeschooled all the way through also.

    I'm sure your girls would love these books. There are 8 to choose from, mostly animals but there are a couple of history ones too.


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