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261. The Circle Series Graphic Novel by Ted Dekker

260. Hope for Hard Times by Scott Hahn

Monday: Books in the Mail

259. Lucy Unstrung by Carole Lazar

258. Nola's Worlds #1: Changing Moon

257. Harry the Poisonous Centipede by Lynne Reid Banks

253-256. The Adventures of Daniel Boom Vol. 1 - 4

252. The Witch's Tears by Jenny Nimmo

251. Lila & Ecco's Do-It-Yourself Comics Club by Willow Dawson

250. The Dreamer by Pam Munoz Ryan

Monday: Books in the Mail

248-249. Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Private Eye Vol. 1 & 2

247. Dear George Clooney, Please Marry My Mom by Susin Nielsen

246. The Drained Brains Caper by Trina Robbins

DNF. Coppermine by Keith Ross Leckie

245. Binky to the Rescue by Ashley Spires

xx. It's Not About the Apple! by Veronika Martenova Charles

244. Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin

243. Maps and Shadows by Krysia Jopek

242. Adam by Ted Dekker

241. Gossip Girl Vol. 1: For Your Eyes Only

Flying Up, Up and Away

231. Green Books Campaign: Making the Grade, Plucky Schoolmarms of Kittitas Country