The Wonderful Eggs of Furicchia

The Wonderful Eggs of Furicchia: A Picture Story from Italy by Anne Rockwell

First Published: 1969
Genre: picture book, fairy tale
Rating: 4/5

First Sentence:

Long ago, in the city of Florence, there stood a little shop where an old lady named Furicchia sold eggs.

Reason for Reading: Read aloud to the 7yo.

Comments: This fairy tale comes from medieval Florence and tells the tale of a good witch who sells enchanted eggs to the villagers. The eggs always bring good fortune to those who eat them. They can make you healthy, wise, pretty, or whatever benefit you may need. However, next door to Furicchia lived a selfish, mean lady, Maddalena, who wanted to know Furicchia's secret. She tried to buy some eggs but was told they would only work for those who have a pure heart. Maddalena, of course, does not believe this and she sets out to steal the source of the eggs. In the end, her wickedness gives her a surprising and most appropriate ending.

This story is a lot of fun and the ending was a laugh out loud surprise. The illustrations are fashioned after the style of the early Renaissance artists and the detail will keep you lingering on each page. Worth the search for this out-of-print title.


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