Most Popular Books in May

I've been looking at my stats a lot more often recently, never really had much interest in them before except to make sure I was getting traffic LOL.  Anyway, I've been finding it interesting to see which books I've reviewed are the most popular over time and thought I'd try listing the top 5 at the end of each month.  So here they are in order.

Most popular reviews read in May

There is a tie for first place!

1.  The Book of Revelation: from Feb. 19, 2011 - This has been my most read post for ages.  People must be very interested in the end times!  It has gone down to the number two position in recent time because the book that it is tied with this month has often been number as well.

1. Carrie by Stephen King from Sept. 11, 2007 - I'm presuming interest has increased in this title because of the upcoming October release of the new movie.  I'm not sure if I plan on watching it or not. What about you?

Can't believe it but there is also a tie for 2nd place.

2. Enter a Murderer by Ngaio Marsh from Oct. 5, 2007 - This one baffles me a bit and I'm sorry to say my review was unfavourable.  I love this series and author but this 2nd book in the series was a big flop.

2. By the Great Hornspoon by Sid Fleischman from Oct. 26, 2009 - Another I'm not too sure why it's so popular except that it is a fantastic children's book.

no more ties! And the hits are much lower for these recent reviews.

3rd place.  The Thirteenth Rose by Gail Bowen from May 4, 2013. A prolific Canadian mystery/thriller author.

4th. The Woodshed Mystery (The Boxcar Children) by Gertrude Chandler Warner from May 6, 2013 - this surprised me with how popular this review was on all the sites I post.

5th.  Life in the Ancient World by Bart Winer.  from May 23, 2013. A vintage children's history book written from a culturally Christian perspective.


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