253-256. The Adventures of Daniel Boom Vol. 1 - 4

The Adventures of Daniel Boom aka Loud Boy series by D.J. Steinburg. Illustrated by Brian Smith.

Age: 8+

Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap

Reason for Reading: Book #4 is a Cybils '10 nominee and as a panelist for Graphic Novels this is required reading for me. Whenever we get a series volume nominated that I haven't read the previous ones, I like to go back and read them so I can get a feel for the series as a whole. This is only if we are talking about the first 4 or less.

253. #1. Sound Off! 2008. 96 pgs. When Daniel was born he and the three other babies who were in the hospital nursery were the recipients of an evil scientist's ray gun designed to make babies not cry. It backfired and we follow Daniel as he goes through life with a super sonic voice that causes disaster and destruction. By age ten he has learned to keep his voice to the correct decibels of an indoor voice but it is hard for him to maintain. Then when the evil scientist returns, this time to make the entire world noiseless, he has arranged for the 4 children's families to be transferred with their jobs at KR Industries to the same town so he can deal with them all at once. The children meet each other for the first time, discover the plot and discover their superhero abilities and identities. Daniel's younger sister is included in this as well for reasons unknown but somehow due to her uncle who is a good scientist. This is a fun, delightful first book in the series. The kids are all relatable having powers which readers will identify with and enjoy seeing being put to good use. Daniel's parents have a large presence in the story, and are shown respect while at the same time are eccentric characters. Kid's will love these children with superpowers; a story equally accessible for boys and girls with the 5 member team consisting of 2 girls and mixed ethnicities. I look forward to book 2. 4/5

254. #2. Mac Attack. 2008. 96 pgs. Two panels tell us how things ended in book one, then we are introduced to each superhero and their power. With that the story picks up where it left off in book one. Uncle Stanley didn't drop by just to say good work, he wants to enlist their help in defeating the evil Industry of scientists who are out to quieten children forever. He gives them costumes and communicators and they discover a plot by Kid-Rid Industries in their own school where they have enlisted the help of the mean lunch lady to introduce a special polite powder into the mac & cheese turning the children into polite mannered zombies. Loud Boy and friends must find a way to get the antidote distributed to all the children in town and hand the evil Mrs. Grossweiner over to the police. This one was even better than the first book! Uncle Stanley tells the kids the whole background story of the evil KR Industries and his part working for them until he found out they were evil. So we know have a complete background story on the kids (from book 1) and the evil scientists (this book). Once the story is wrapped up and every one is celebrating, the scene is is set for the next book and the kids are called to their next mission causing the reader to be excited for the next in the series. Lots of action, fun superpowers, gross bad guys, and humour make this an excellent sequel to what is proving to be a fine series for the younger set. (5/5)

255. #3. Game On! 2009. 96 pgs. Picking up right where book 2 ends Daniel and the gang are called to meet Uncle Stanley at the zoo where he gives them an extremely important piece of technology that they must keep safe since Kid Rid is chasing him looking for it. In the meantime, a new kid at school is getting all the kids hooked on a new video game, including Daniel. When the other kids make the connection between the game (Pig Planet) and KR Industries they must first rescue Daniel and then all the other children in the world before they are all pixelated into the cyberworld where they will be caught for eternity. Another great entry in the Daniel Boom series. Kids are sure to enjoy this one, especially with it's video game theme. At the beginning we are briefly reminded of the previous criminals the five superheroes have fought before and one of them returns in this book with a new cohort. The jokes are plenty and humorous, and the action is non-stop. While Daniel is clearly the star of the series the other superhero children all get plenty of time to shine as well so readers can have a favourite and enjoy their antics. After the three books, I have to say my favourite is Chatterbox. She's the know-it-all and can stun the meanest dude by talking his ear off. Not my favourite in the series, so far that honour goes to vol. 2 but still a pure joy to read and I'm looking forward to the next volume. (4/5)

256. #4. Grow Up! 2010. 96 pgs. - Loud Boy and the gang think it's the perfect time for some inside secret reconnaissance of K-R Industries when they hold their first ever take-your-kid-to-work day. Little do they know Doctor Docter has chosen this time to use his Energy Replenerator to suck the energy out of the superheroes (and eventually all children) turning them into senior citizens, so that the Dr. and his kid-hating cronies can have the energy of youth. This volume brings back all the previous villains in minor roles, reminds us of all the heroes' previous world-saving exploits, and finally reveals the secret of how Jeannie S. (Chatterbox) got her super powers. Just as much fun as one expects from a Daniel Boom book by this point. Lots of action and humour combine for a great story making this another of my favourites in the series. The only problem is we are left hanging wondering whether there will be another book in the series. The story arc is completely wrapped up in this book with a finite ending. The author teases us by leaving a footnote after the words "The End" pronouncing "perhaps?". If the series does continue there will be some major changes in the basic plot line and I for one certainly hope Loud Boy and the gang will return. (5/5)


  1. I'm a huge fan of Adventures of Daniel Boom! :D This was given to me by my friend and I never stopped reading.

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