A Murder for Max: A Maxine Benson Mystery by John Lawrence Reynolds

A Murder for Max: A Maxine Benson Mystery by John Lawrence Reynolds
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Paperback, 128 pages
Published October 4th 2016 by Orca Books
Source: Received a print review copy through Library Thing

Rapid Reads

This is a book from Orca Books' Rapid Reads collection. These books are intended for adult literacy and ESL. Reluctant teen readers will also enjoy them if they don't mind books with adults as the main characters. I've read several of these now and some are better than others but it is hard to write a "good" book when using a limited vocabulary. This first in a mystery series is written at a Grade 3.6 level. Canadian author Reynolds has succeeded in writing an entertaining and engaging mystery at this vocabulary level. The book takes place over the course of an afternoon into early evening which works very well with this type of book. This is done in the classic Christie style of a group of people, one of whom must be the murderer and the police chief gathers them together to reveal who the murderer is. Reynolds has also been able to give the main character depth and have her come to terms, over the course of the book,with a slight inferiority complex of being a woman in a "man's" job. Among the better books I've read in this collection.


  1. If its a Christie style book, it is definitely for me. Making a note of this one.


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