Darkness Rising #1:The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong

The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hardcover, First Edition, 359 pages
Published April 12th 2011 by Harper
Source: Received a review copy from the publisher

Darkness Rising (#1)

Unfortunately, this was very slow in getting started. I stuck with it because I had enjoyed her previous paranormal YA trilogy and was expecting something. But it took up to about page 220 for that something to happen. The first 200-odd pages are simply teen school life, crushes, hates, bullies, friends, yadayadayada. There are tiny hints of what is coming so it is no shock when it does. But finally the plot gets going, the paranormal aspects arrive and the action is fast-paced; the reading page-turning. I liked the ending and will read the next book, hoping it will jump straight into the plot where the characters have been left at this point. This book could have been better if the first two hundred pages had been reduced to perhaps two chapters, seriously.


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