It's Monday! What Are You Reading? #9

This meme is held over on Book Date's blog and here we talk about what we are Currently Reading, What we read/posted the last week and what we plan on reading next week. I won't be posting what's coming up; you can get an idea by looking in my sidebars.

What I am Currently Reading:


I'm currently reading the play in "plain English" because the next book I'm reading is a modern retelling of the play. I've read "The Merchant of Venice" in the original before and seen it performed at Stratford, plus seen a televised British production of it also but I wanted to refresh my memory before reading the new book.


Still working on this title. The politics have been set up and the Ambassador has got his job so I'm just getting into the start of the "good" stuff.

Graphic Novel/Manga:

Love me some Batman!

 I always have a short story collection going as I read one short story every morning with my cup of coffee. I have put that aside for Lent though and am reading one chapter from The Holy Bible for the remainder of these 40 days.  I have to say I'm really missing my short story at this point!  It's become such a part of my daily routine; only 18 more days of Lent to go.  

What I Finished Reading and/or Posted This Week

Graphic Novels/Manga


  1. I like your Shakespeare theme here.

  2. Looks like a good week.

    I didn't know IN THE GARDEN OF BEASTS was non-fiction. Dah for me.

    ENJOY your reading week.

    Silver's Reviews
    My It's Monday, What Are You Reading

  3. How interesting to read a play in a number of versions.

  4. I really would like to read more DC comics but so many series on the go right now!


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