Investigation Discovery: Serial Killers December/January 2016

Investigation Discovery: Serial Killers December/January 2016
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Magazine, 98 pages
Published November 2015
Source: retail store
Investigation Discovery Channel

Glossy magazine with mostly two-page spreads about all the most popular serial killers you can think of. Heavy on the mid 20th century to present but still has a decent amount of the famous older cases. Divided into topical sections such as females, duos and the infamous there's a brief rundown on everyone and interesting stats throughout the magazine. I'm well read on this topic and didn't find anything I hadn't known before, even the pictures were all ones I'd seen before so I wasn't overly impressed with this from an information perspective. But it's nice to have the glossy in your hands rather than looking at pics on pinterest all the time. The last issue on Unsolved Mysteries was far better for me, but you'll like this issue more if you don't already know all the info.


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