FRUSTRATED WITNESS!: The True Story of the ADAM WALSH Case and Police Misconduct by Willis Morgan

FRUSTRATED WITNESS!: The True Story of the ADAM WALSH Case and Police Misconduct by Willis Morgan
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Hardcover, 356 pages
Published September 24th 2015 by BookBaby
Source: review copy from the publisher

A very intriguing read! Willis Morgan was at the Sears mall the day that Adam Walsh was kidnapped and since that day he has been a "frustrated witness". This book is his story as a witness and a very convincing case for Jeffrey Dahmer being the real killer of the little boy. Morgan is not the first to suggest this and in fact Dahmer has been a suspect since his pictures appeared on TV in the '90s after his arrest and witnesses of Adam's kidnapping placed him as the suspect from the composites they had given in the '80s. I won't go any further into the facts, this book provides them all. Full of original documents from witness statements to inter-office memos, the complete Adam Walsh case files are either printed in this book, referenced here and/or are available on an accompanying website.

Morgan starts at the beginning and tells the reader several stories. The complete timeline of Adam Walsh's kidnapping, the Jeffrey Dalmer story in full but with special attention to his time in Florida and Germany, and especially to the incompetant and inadequate police investigation into Adam Walsh's kidnapping and murder from day one. I'm not a police conspiracy theorist but the evidence in this case, is hard to miss even john Walsh himself was angered by the police misconduct. First a friend of the Walsh family was targeted wasting precious resources, then in the '90s Otis Toole, famous for confessing to crimes he didn't commit, was targeted and all other suspects were dropped and evidence that didn't support Toole was ignored.

Morgan himself is a bit of a crusader, and understandably so. He feels some guilt for having been in the wrong place at the wrong time and hindsight eats at him as to why he didn't do more that could have saved Adam's life ... if only he'd known. His tone often comes across as arrogant and sarcastic but he acknowledges this. He doesn't pretend to be anything he's not. He knows how he comes off to some people. He concedes he's not the best writer, I concur, but he's certainly readable and Morgan has done an excellent job of organizing this book in a comprehensive understandable manner. There is a lot of information to take in here. There is another book written before this that outs the Dahmer connection and I'd like to read that as well. Knowing about the Lucas and Toole murders myself, I never really believed the Toole suggestion when they officially closed the Walsh case. This is a very convincing study from someone who obviously wants all the information out there with the public.


  1. I don't remember this case but as you do seems you was able to appreciate it.

    I haven't read a True Crime in over 2 years but I have a few I am interested in on my Wishlist, maybe next year now that I have decided to come back.

    1. Thank you Marce, I won't let you down with my book. As you know I am not only the author of the book I am also one of the many witnesses that were at the Hollywood Mall on the day Adam Walsh was abducted.

      Willis Morgan


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