Winemaker Detective Series (3) Nightmare in Burgundy by Jean-Pierre Alaux

Nightmare in Burgundy by Jean-Pierre Alaux
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Paperback, 140 pages
Published July 31st 2014 by Le French Book
(first published in French, 2004)

Winemaker Detective Series (3)

The third book in this charming series is not quite up to par with the previous mystery but still brings plenty of murder, mayhem and wine to the table. There is a puzzle, along with two deaths, that must be unravelled; and Benjamin Cooker finds himself calling upon an old dying friend, a monk to help him decipher the Latin clues. I really enjoyed the Catholic aspect of this particular story. The relationship between Cook and Virgile is a warm strong bond between a Catholic and an unbeliever bringing about many interesting discussions. I highly enjoy this duo who casually stumble upon mysteries on their travels as wine critics/tasters. This book, the third, does take some assumption that you will know who the characters are so there is little to no introduction or background on them. Which in my opinion would make this one not suitable as a starting point for the series. A quaint cozy set in the wine country that will please both cozy mystery readers and wine enthusiasts. Looking forward to the next book!


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