Torn Away by Jennifer Brown

Torn Away by Jennifer Brown

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my! Wow! Wow! This may well be the best book I've read this year! Written unpretentiously with emotion and realism, this is a book that grabs you by the heart and doesn't let go until the final sigh. I love this book so much I don't have much to say that isn't just plain gushing. My most telling comment can be to explain that for several pages just past the middle of the book, I *actually* wept! This is not something I do. I don't cry at movies and certainly not over books. I'm autistic, Asperger's to be precise, a logical person who can talk and explain emotions without expressing any emotion and make-believe just *does not* bring me to tears. Yet there was a point in "Torn Away" when a lump formed in my throat and tears welled up in my eyes and for several pages they streamed down my face. My highest praise. Bravo, Jennifer Brown. I will most certainly be taking a look at her other books.

ETA:  Just got the only two they have out of my local library.  Yeah!

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