It's Monday What Are You Reading This Week

This is what I'm reading this week. 

Row One:  From The Bachman Books I am reading the last book in this collection "The Running Man".  This is part of my ongoing reading of Stephen King in chronological order project.  It's the book I've been looking forward to re-reading the most in the collection. The SK Universe is a standby which I read the section on each book after I've read it; so I'll be reading the Running Man section this week. The Edgar Allan Poe is my current short story collection, as usual I read one story a day.  I'm currently on story #8.  The highlight of the week was a humorous tale called "The Angel of the Odd"

Row Two:  Empty Mansions has been on my tbr for ages and I'm so glad I've finally started it.  It's a big book but it is turning out to be a fast read.  It is doing double duty as qualifying for my current non-fiction and my current ebook. The Bible is a year long project, am reading this study Bible and completing the four Gospels, reading Luke now. Monster Soul is my current manga.  It's the first in a new series but I haven't started it yet.

Row Three:  Book 4 of Ariol just came out so I'm backtracking and giving this cute-looking kids's graphic novel series a go with the first one: Just a Donkey Like You and Me.  I just loved the author's adult graphic novel The Photographer. I hope to read all four books in the series this week.

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