It's Monday What Are You Reading This Week

This is what I'm reading this week.

Row One: The two Stephen King books are kinda in limbo.  "Running Man" from the Bachman Books is coming up this month, perhapsby the end of the week. The SK Universe is a standby which I read the section on each book after I've read it. Started the Edgar Allan Poe as my short story collection yesterday, will be reading one story a day as usual.

Row Two: Surviving Home is the sequel to Going Home and I'm loving it. This is my current ebook read. The Wisdom of Psychopaths is awesome and is my current non-fiction read, rather heady and science-y but I love neuro-science. The Bible is a year long project, am reading this study Bible and completing the four Gospels, just getting into Luke now.

Row Three: Grimm's Oz, finished this last night, review to come on my other blog. Current manga Zatchbell #13.  Current graphic novel Rat Queens by Kurtis J. Weibe, so far I have loved his work!

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