Master Challenge List 2014

2015 Challenges


8th Annual Canadian Book Challenge
ends June 30, 2015
read 13 books by, about or set in Canada/Canadians
Jul: 1/13
Aug: 5/13
Sept: 7/13
Oct: 11/13
Nov: 15/13 (finished)

2014 Challenges

These are all the challenges and projects I will be participating in during 2014.

7th Graphic Novel & Manga Challenge 2014
ends Dec. 31. 2014
Silver Age: read and review 52 books during the year
Jan: 16/52
Feb: 47/52
Apr: 102/52
May: 141/52
Jun: 175/52
Jul: 200/52
Aug: 218/52
Sept: 240/52
Oct: 267/52
Nov: 291/52


2014 ARC Reading Challenge
ends Dec. 31 2014
Level Platinum: Read 40 or more ARCS
Jan: 10/40
Feb: 16/40
Apr: 28/40
May: 47/40
Jun: 54/40
Jul: 60/40
Aug: 61/40
Sept: 63/40
Oct: 71/40
Nov: Stopped keeping count

    The 2014 TBR Pile Challenge
ends Dec. 31, 2014
Read 12 books from list
Jan: 1/12
Feb: 2/12
Apr: 4/12
May: 5/12
Jun: 6/12
Jul: 7/12
Aug: 8/12
Sep: 9/12
Oct: 10/12
Nov: 11/12


   2014 Horror Reading Challenge

ends Dec. 31, 2014
1-5 Horror Books - Running Scared
Jan: 1/5
Feb: 1/5
Apr: 3/5
May: 3/5
Jun: 3/5
Jul: 3/5
Aug: 3/5
Sep: 3/5
Oct: 3/5
Nov: 3/5



2014 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge

ends Dec. 31, 2014
Victorian reader - 5 books (Sign-up level) finished
Renaissance Reader - 10 books  finished
Medieval Reader - 15 books  finished
Ancient History - 25 books  finished
Prehistory - 50+
Jan: 2/5
Feb: 8/5
Apr: 15/15
May: 17/25
Jun. 17/25
Jul: 18/25
Aug: 23/25
Sep: 27/25
Oct: 32/25
Nov: 38/25



 2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge

ends Dec. 31, 2014
11-20 - A Friendly Hug (Sign-Up Level)
21-30 - First Kiss
31-40 - Sweet Summer Fling
41-50 - Could this be love?
50+ - Married With Children
Jan: 13/20
Feb: 28/30
Apr: 41/50
May: 44/50
Jun: 49/50
Jul: 53/50
Aug: 55/50
Sep: 59/50
Oct: 64/50
Nov: 65/50


2014 Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge

ends Dec. 31, 2014
Bronze -10
Silver - 25
Jan: 2/10
Feb: 4/10
Apr: 8/10
May: 11/10
Jun: 13/25
Jul: 15/25
Aug: 17/25
Sep: 17/25
Oct: 19/25
Nov: 22/25


I'm currently involved in these perpetual challenges or projects

Chronological Stephen King - I started this project in 2007, hit a snag for a few years, then since 2011 have started each year off with a Stephen King book.  Other than that this is a long-term project with no goals or objectives other than an "I hope to maybe accomplish "such 'n such" this year.

This year I will be starting 2014 off with "Cujo", a very short book and not my usual January commitment to an epic tome.  Looking forward to it. If I can get a hold of the 1980 anthology "Dark Forces" where "The Mist" original appeared I will read it next, otherwise I will wait until it comes up in its slightly edited version later on in the short story collect "Skeleton Crew" Then comes the last Bachman book in my omnibus, "The Running Man".  I also loved this and am looking forward to this short read as well.

Next up is "The Gunslinger" and my dilemma about this which I've been thinking heavily about ever since I started this project.  I've only read the first three in this series and this time I want to read the revised edition of the first book, so I'm going to go a little out of chrono. order here and what I've decided to do is read the first three Dark Tower books when I get to book 3 on the chronological order list.  Then I'll read the last three as they appear, which is one after another, further down the line.  Sooo, skipping Gunslinger at this point and moving right along to "Creepshow" the comic book and since these are all so short I should have no problem finishing up with the collection of novellas Different Seasons.  Hopefully this will be a good year for knocking off some titles since they are all shorties!

Besides reading the books, I also want to go off on side trips to watch select movies (not all because some of the old ones are pretty dumb) and read graphic novels based on the books I've read.  This currently leaves me in the middle of reading "The Stand" graphic novels and I still have "The Stand" mini series to watch, plus I would now like to re-watch Christopher Walken's "Dead Zone" and I suppose I could line up the TV series now too.  I wonder if it would be too intense for my son. 2013's reading didn't add anything new here so hopefully I can get caught up with all this!  Because ... this year's reading will bring in a lot of extras in the movie department.

1. Carrie
2. 'Salem's Lot
3. Rage
4. The Shining
5. Night Shift
6. The Stand
7. The Long Walk
8. The Dead Zone
9. Firestarter
10. Roadwork
11. Danse Macabre
12. Cujo
13. The Mist
14. The Running Man
15. Creepshow (had a very hard time finding a copy to read!)
16. Different Seasons


Newbery Challenge (ongoing) - I intend on continuing this never-ending quest to read all the Newbery winners. For the last several years I have been very lame and only read the new winner each year.  Last year (2013) I didn't even manage that ;-P . So once again I will try and do better!

ETA (Aug, 2014) - I have actually read some older ones this year plus a couple of honors!


Geographical Project - see progress here

In 2013 I finally finished all my Canadian Provinces & Territories.  Yahoo! so I started a second cross-country tour, visiting 3 provinces.

I had 9 States left at the beginning of last year and only managed to whittle that down by two.  So I start 2014 with these 7 States:

Rhode Island

I'm actively keeping an eye out for unique countries adding a grand total of 10 new ones last year!  It's getting hard to think outside the box now though, so I'm open to any books taking place in obscure parts of the world.  Check to see where I've already been.



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