263. 50 Below Zero Board Book by Robert Munsch.

50 Below Zero Board Book by Robert Munsch. Art by Michael Martchenko

Rating: (3/5)

(US) - (Canada) - (UK)

Jun 13 2013, Annick Press, 10 pgs

Age: 2+

"All night long, Jason gets woken up by strange noises that lead him to find his dad in the most unexpected places—from on top of the refrigerator to the freezing cold woods outside his house. In order to finally get a good night’s sleep, Jason musters up all of his resources and comes up with a most unexpected solution—tying his dad’s toe to the bathroom doorknob to keep him in place.
Now available as a simplified, toddler-friendly board book with revised art by Michael Martchenko, this story will delight young children discovering it for the first time"

Received a review copy from Annick Press through NetGalley.

I thought this would be a board book edition of the 1985 picture book "50 Below Zero".  One of my favourite Munsch books.  Instead it is an adaptation of that book, which has had the text simplified and the  art has also been revised.  The basic plot of the original story manages to come through fine enough but its rollicking humour is inevitably lost in this simplification.  If you want a book baby can chew on, this may be your way to go.  But I'd rather read the original aloud, even to toddlers.  This will be a personal preference as to which you chose.


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