Movie Break - The Life of Pi (2012)

The Life of Pi (2012) (at the Theatre) (3D) (in Edmonton)

I enjoyed this movie but do wish I had read the book first. I had always intended to, but it was the only movie suitable for the mix of people going that evening. I have the book on my kindle and plan on making sure I read it this month now though. As I said I did enjoy the movie but it didn't have as big an impression on me as it did the others I watched it with nor other people who have been talking about it at church. Some people are saying it is a Christian movie but it is not and I found parts of it disconcerting in that sense. I don't really want to over analyze the thing but I must mention my hesitation. The movie is "spiritual" not Christian. The message is that it is good to have religion and believe in "god" but it doesn't matter which religion you have or what "god" you pray to. Hence the inclusion of Hindu along with the "God of Abraham" religions. Finally, people are asking the question "Which story is true? #1 or #2?  I don't believe this is the correct question. This is not the question asked in the movie. The question and answer are: "Which story do you prefer? #1. And so it goes with God." Hence the movie is suggesting to us that people believe in "God" or religion because it is the "better story". Quite against Christian belief if you think about it seriously, and more attuned with new age spirituality. I like that the movie makes one think about God and religion and it certainly leaves Believers feeling good that they know Christ. But if you are really left asking which story is true, the answer is: both of them. #2 is what "really" happened, while #1 is how God helped him deal with the tragedy and survive the ordeal. One can assume that many parts of #1, once Pi was alone, really did happen, the two stories merge as one. The officials write the tiger into the report because they don't want to write down the atrocity of the reality. What is one crazy story from a boy who survived so many weeks at sea? Anyway I'm looking forward to seeing if my impression of the book is the same.

Any other Christians feel the same way I did?

PS - I hated the 3D, there was absolutely no need for this gimmick and it gave me a headache.


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