Movie Break - The King's Speech (2010)

The King's Speech (2010) (British) (at my Dad's)

This movie was an easy pick, I just walked over to the many shelves, stopped in front of one, saw this which I had always wanted to see and asked if Dad was agreeable and he said he hadn't watched it yet either, so we were set.  I LOVED THIS MOVIE!  My eldest son was as early talker but he stuttered until he was six, he grew out of it but the cause for it disappeared from his life too but that has given me an affection for stammerers.  I felt so deeply for King George throughout this movie, have always had a soft spot for the Queen Mum (Queen Elizabeth in the movie) and both were played brilliantly by Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter.  But truly this is Bertie and Lionel's story as they form an unlikely friendship and conquer a speech impediment for a man who must speak publicly as his duty to his country through a most grievous time.  I was pleased that Wallis and Edward were shown to be the selfish people they were as their so-called "love" story is often glamorized on the screen when it was in reality pure self-interest.  While I know a lot about King George V, the Wallis Simpson affair and of course the current Queen and her Mum, I've managed to skip over George VI, since his reign was so short but this movie has really intrigued me about the man himself.  Providence seems to have placed him in this role at the right time.  Was he really as duty-bound as portrayed?  I'd like to find out more and shall be looking for books from this time period that focus on him.  A fantastic movie and the scene of the King's Speech at the end is splendid.  A great speech of the 20th century.


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