News: 3rd book in Patricia Bow's Passage to Mythrin series Now Available

Quite some time ago I discovered a gem of a fantasy series by Canadian author Patricia Bow.  Called Passage to Mythrin, I read and reviewed the first two books "The Ruby Kingdom" and "The Prism Blade".  The third book was titled and advertised as coming soon.  I had hoped on the next year.  However, it never materialized and with the way things are in the publishing industry, especially the Canadian publishing industry, and even more especially the Canadian youth publishing industry!, I'm sure the author has faced many challenges.

I am giddy with joy to announce that I received an email from Patricia Bow yesterday, out of the blue, to let me know that the third book has now been published and is available for sale!  "The Starry Window" is currently available as a Kobo ebook, and will soon be available on Amazon, also in a print edition.  I can't wait to read this much anticipated sequel!


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