I've Got a New Blog!! For Graphic Novel Fans!

I've started another blog!  Some of you may have found it already as I've been working on it all of December :-) My new blog is called It's All Comic to Me and will be dedicated to my Graphic Novel, Manga, Comic Book Reviews and anything else that fits into the sequential art category.

So what does that mean for Back to Book readers?  You won't be getting my graphic novel reviews, which I post every other to every day. Some of you will be clapping, some will be booing. Just head on over to It's All Comic to Me and subscribe over there and you'll get ALL my reviews and won't miss out on anything!  But not to worry, if you are only mildly interested in the occasional GN review I plan to leave a monthly list with links here on Back to Books to the reviews so you don't miss out on an interesting title or author.  Stay with me here on Back to Books for my reviews of novels, picture books, easy readers and short stories for adults, teens and children and join me over at It's All Comic to Me for reviews of Graphic Novels, Manga and Comic Books for all ages from Mature to Early Readers and every one in between!


  1. Have fun managing 2 blogs, whoooah.

    Have you read the Green River Graphic book, you would enjoy it, true crime? It was my first try this year, I really enjoyed it but know I won't look for them.

  2. Yes, Marce, I have read the Green River one and really enjoyed it too. I've read several true crime graphic "novels" now and think it's a great medium for it!

  3. It took me some time to figure out how, but now I'm following your other blog too :)
    Thanks for commenting on my review and letting me know it's all right - it was a huge relief, lol! I will know to add the book numbers from now on.
    Have a great Sunday!


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