DVD Break: Catholicism The Journey of a Lifetime

Catholicism: The Journey of a Lifetime - (2011) - (DVD) - (Boxed Set) - (own) - (watched at weekly "class" put on by Mt. Carmel)

I own this set but did not watch my copy as a 10-week class was put on at the local Mt. Carmel by a priest who occasionally presides at our church.  A 5 disc-10 episode documentary program.  This was absolutely amazing! Father Barron is just one of the absolute best teachers of current times, comparable to a 21st century Fulton Sheen imho.  The whole series covers the history of the church, saints, theology and why and what the faith is and why it matters.  From episodes on Who is Jesus, Who is God, Who is Mary, to Hell, Purgatory, the Saints, the Sacraments and my favourite episode on the Eucharist, Barron imparts knowledge and information with pure joy.  A must watch for all Catholics!!  However the show has purposely been made accessible to people of all or no faiths.  This is not a preachy, evangelical or conversion program.  It is historical and information, filmed around the world in all the great cities and filled with art from throughout the ages.  Anyone interested in history or finding out about Catholicism from someone who speaks frankly will enjoy this.


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