DVD Break: Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol (1962)

Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol - 1962 - DVD - Animated - Made for TV - Watched at friend's house

This is the second movie we watched last night.  Something lighthearted after the dramatic heaven movie.  I remember watching this on TV as a kid; my Dad loved Mr. Magoo and of course, to me, it was Mr. Howell doing the voice.  I didn't really remember much of this version going in, it must be ages since I've seen it now.  It is a pretty straightforward retelling of the Dickens' story, only it is set as a play within the movie.  Mr. Magoo is an actor and plays the part of Scrooge in the musical play.  The whole story is there except they left off the bits about Scrooge's nephew and for some reason Christmas Present visits first, then Past and To-Be.  The songs are delightful, very Broadway-ish and the song that is repeated "The Lord's Bright Blessing" is a wonderful Christmas Carol.  A wonderful, feel-good, true meaning of Christmas movie.  Recommended!


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