DVD Break: Courage of Lassie (1946)

Courage of Lassie - (1946) - (DVD) - (Technicolor) - (own)

Ds and I finished off watching this Triple Feature DVD by watching the last movie on Remembrance Day which ended up being a war movie, like its predecessor, unbeknownst to us.  We both enjoyed the movie, though nowhere near as much as the previous two.  I thought this was very corny in parts and there were continuity issues that I picked up on right away that made me laugh when I shouldn't have been.  Ds just wasn't that thrilled with the first half since it was all about Elizabeth Taylor and her dog Bill.  No adventure, according to him.  However, the last half of the movie picks up when Bill is injured in a car accident, taken from home, sent to War Dog Training and sees active duty in Europe.  Bill comes home "shell-shocked" and the movie waxes on about how we can expect the returning soldiers to need this type of recovery once they are home too.  This movie has nothing to do with "Lassie" except that the same dog "Pal" plays the part of the collie in both this and the previous movie.  Also Elizabeth Taylor is in both this and the first Lassie movie, though playing completely unrelated parts.  There are no other famous people in the movie but Frank Morgan, most known as the Wizard of Oz in the movie of the same name and Alfalfa of "Little Rascals" fame makes a brief appearance as a "youth".  A decent movie but not up to par with the first two which were excellent.

The bonus features here provided us with two cartoons from 1946.  First "Northwest Hounded Police" starring Droopy Dog and then another Tom & Jerry in "Solid Serenade".  Ds absolutely loved the first one, laughing his head off the entire way through, he wasn't very impressed with the T&J, but I liked it because of the song "Is she Is or Is she Ain't My Baby?"



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