DVD Break: The 13th Day (2009)

The 13th Day - (2009) - (DVD) -  (partial B/W) - (own) - (watched at friend's house)

At a gathering at a friend's house, five adults joined together for a movie night.  This is the first movie we watched.  I've been wanting to watch this for some time.  I know the whole story of Fatima so was familiar with the topic.  This movie is a British production filmed on site with many local (Portuguese) actors and is what I would call an "artistic" movie, "avant garde".  Set in 1917, the movie is filmed in black & white but makes artistic use of colour.  For example there is a scene where blood flows and is shown in red.  All the visions are in true colour as is the miracle of the "dancing sun".  The movie tells the whole story focusing on Lucia telling her story backwards near the end of her life.  It also focuses heavily on the disbelief the children faced from their own mother outwards and the hostile reaction from the so-called government which was in a turmoil at that time being in somewhat of a revolution, an atmosphere of civil war and the Church had been banned socially.  An inspiring true story of a Marian apparition, healings, prophecy that has since been realized and the true courage of three children who persevered persecution in the name of Christ.  The movie was enjoyed immensely by all.  A keeper for my collection.


  1. Nicola,

    You seem to be an expert on Catholic theology. It looks like you read a lot of books and watch a lot of related movies each year. Can you recommend the top 3 books you've ever read related to Catholic theology?

  2. Jenny, I am by no means an expert! Just a student, learning about my faith. I haven't read that much in the grand scheme of things, but I do try to have something on the go at all times.

    There are so many books on so many topics! What type of books are you looking for, perhaps I can recommend a few titles if I know what angle/direction you want to go?


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