DVD Break: Lassie Come Home

Lassie Come Home- (1943) - (DVD) - (Technicolor) - (own)

Well, I had no idea how this movie was going to go over.  I asked ds if he knew who Lassie was, and he said "no".  So I told him everybody had to know who Lassie was and showed him the Triple Feature DVD we have.  He was set to watch it and we had a grand time watching this oldie but goodie.  Filled with a stellar cast, the acting is excellent.  Elizabeth Taylor's part is quite small in this movie and I think she had the same wardrobe the entire movie.  It is Roddy McDowell who shines as the main character of Lassie's boy owner. Also included are Elsa Lancaster, Nigel Bruce, and J. Pat O'Malley along with others not so well known still today.  Another surprising thing that happened with this movie was that dh came into the room, first stood, then moved to the arm of the couch, and finally ended up in a chair; and watched the whole thing with us.  Supposedly a tear-jerker, we all managed to stay dry-eyed and slipped into a fit of giggles remembering some of the more over dramatic scenes.  An excellent story that still appeals over time, as the story of a boy who must give up a beloved pet and the incredible story of a pet's determined will of survival to make it back home to him.  


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