DVD Break: Batman The Animated Series

Batman: The Animated Series: Tales of the Dark Knight- (1992) - (DVD) - (animated) - (own)

Instead of repeating myself on how much I love this animated version of Batman,  you can read my thoughts on our viewing the first DVD in this set here.  This is the second disc in the one-off series of random episodes from the show.  It also has a very short documentary on how voices are chosen and done for animation.  Warner is particularly proud of their attention to detail and not using stock sound effects.  This one features 4 episodes from season one in random order but there are no continuity issues with their placement.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and did my son who was a little reluctant to donate it to the library.  But he had decided ages ago he didn't want it anymore, and he did donate the previous one we watched; in the end he decided to donate.

The four stories included here are:  Episode 27: The Underdwellers featuring The Sewer King.  Batman goes back to roots here and fights against a simple evil of a man who is exploiting runaways and street children.  Episode 13: P.O.V. (my favourite of the four) this one does not include any villains.  After a drug sting operation turns sour, with Batman's presence   The three main officers involved are put into interrogation  Bullock & Montoya regulars of the series and a rookie) each tell the events from their own point of view.  Episode 23: The Forgotten which I actually remember watching on tv!  Bruce Wayne goes down to the docks, disguised as a workman, to investigate the mysterious disappearances of homeless people and dockworkers.  He ends up being boinked over the head and comes to in an enforced labour camp headed by a most repugnant fat man.  Wayne's problem is that when he wakes up he finds that the bump on the head created amnesia.  A great episode, quite intense, but of course ends up quite alright in the end.  And finally, Episode 11: Be a Clown, Doesn't take much to figure who the villain is in this one!  The mayor, who hates Batman and Joker on the same level, has a self-centred birthday party or his son, Jordan, who would just like to be a magician.  All the prominent citizens are present with their children when a clown magician arrives, entertains, creates diversions, and then tries to blow up the party.  Bruce Wayne saves the day, but that's when we find that Jordan has run away and is know under the control of The Joker.  Batman to the Rescue!!


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