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This week's list is sooooo me.  Make a list of the top ten series you haven't finished for whatever reason (haven't got around to it, didn't like it, etc.)  Hahaha....  I am by nature a series reader and about 3/4 (maybe more) of what I read is part of a series.  This list could be my top 500 series I haven't finished {sigh}, but I will concentrate on 10 series I really *need* and *want* to finish but just haven't for some reason.

1.  The Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray- I absolutely LOVED the first two books in this series and pre-ordered the 3rd but when it arrived on my doorstep and I opened the package and found a what? 9000 page doorstopper {slight exaggeration} I was disgusted and put it on my shelf and there it remains.  In reality it is only 832 pages but this was 5 years ago, a long time to wait.  I want to make this one a priority next year.

2. The Keys to the Kingdom by Garth Nix - I was faithfully reading this series as each book came out each year but by the time I got to "Friday", Book 5, I found I had forgotten how the series started and was forgetting too much between books and not enjoying them as much as I would if I read them closer together so I decided to wait until the last 2 books were published, then I'd start the series over again from scratch as I had really enjoyed it in the beginning.  Well, the last book was published in 2010 and I still haven't got around to this yet.

3. Mo Hayder - OK, this is a cheat.  This is an author, not a series.  However most of her books belong to a series with her throwing in a standalone every now and then.  I ordered Hanging Hill (a standalone) from the UK so I could have it hot off the press.  No waiting for the Canadian edition.  But I haven't read it.  Because if I do that means I have no more Mo Hayder books left for me to read :-( So I'm hanging on to it until a new one comes out, which I will order from the UK and sit on and repeat the above process.  Checking AmazonUK, I see my wait will soon be over as a new book in her series is due out in the UK in Mar. 2013.

4. The Mitford Series by Jan Karon - I somehow got started in the middle of this series with book 3, the proceeded to read books 4 &5.  I hate reading series out of order.  It was at this time I thought I'd better go back and read the first two.  This was all well before blogging days.  Now the series is all over with 9 books in total and I haven't proceeded any further than those 3 middle books.  {sigh}

5. Rabbi Small Mysteries by Harry Kemelman - I read the first three books in this series in one of those big omnibus editions and I was absolutely charmed with both the mysteries and Rabbi Small.  I've always wanted to continue on with this series.  Whenever I go to thrift shops, garage sales, etc. I pick up any I don't have, so I have a few of them on the shelves now, but alas, I have never read any past the first three.

6. Faery Realms by R.J. Anderson - The third book in this trilogy was not published in North America due to some sort of leak of the manuscript (I'm not sure of the whole story).  Anyway I just adored the first two books so much that I ordered the last one, Arrow, from the UK and was soooooo giddy when it arrived.  But have I read it yet??? Not!

7. The Curse Workers Trilogy by Holly Black - I loved the first book in this series and have the second two languishing on the shelf.  Why?  I haven't a clue.  Every time I look at them, I want to read them, but I never do.

8. Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell - I have read the first book in this series and that is that.  Rather embarrassing actually, since forensic thrillers is one of my specialties and this is supposed to be "the" series that started it all.

9. Gardella Vampire Chronicles by Collen Gleason -I enjoyed this series so much, and it's really not a genre I usually read, but when it came to the last book, #5, I just never got around to requesting it from the library.

10. The Amazing Spiderman by J. Michael Straczynski - I was reading these from the library, one at a time, in order, and really enjoying the experience.  I got up to Vol. 8, then something came up and I never did put the next volume on hold.  The rest is history; I've never read another volume since.  I just need to make that move and get the next volume and it will keep me rolling along again.


  1. Haha, I know the feeling of not finishing a ton of series that you really want to...I haven't actually heard about a lot of these on your list! 'A Great and Terrible Beauty' has been on my to-read list forever though. Hopefully I can get around to that soon!

  2. The Mitford series is probably the one series I have completed.

  3. I don't know how the "manuscript leak" story got started, but it's not the case. My US publisher simply decided not to buy the third book, partly because the editor who had bought the first two books had moved on to another publisher. These things happen! But I'm happy to hear you enjoy the Faery Rebels series, and thanks for including it on your list! :)

  4. Hi RJ! Thanks for stopping by and giving that clarification! I never understood what that "manuscript" story was all about anyway, probably because it was a fabrication :-) Knowing now that the publisher's just dropped the series for the last book, makes me mad don't they care about readers?!

    Anyway the book I got from UK ending up being signed by you, so it was a double pleasure to recieve. I liked the UK titles better too! Will definately get that one read soon too.

  5. I loved Garth Nix's short Abhorsen triology and have the first of The Keys to teh Kingdom but I have yet to start them.

    I have the first Gemma Doyle book and I've heard tonnes about it and I'm excited to read it, but 832? That will be a book to read, but since I picked up one recently that's over 1,300 pages long, I think that should be easy.

    Great list despite not having heard of quite a few of these.


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