Top Ten Tuesday

This week's list ask for the top ten bookish people you would like to meet.  My list will be in no particular order, just as I think of them off the top of my head and I'm *not* going to include dead people.

1.  Scott Hahn (let's talk conversion!)

2. Rick Geary (have I got some ideas for your crime books and lets not stop the Victorian series, ok?)

3. Joss Whedon (he does book stuff too!) (Angel, Firefly or Dr. Horrible, let's talk novels & graphics)

4. Michael Coren (politics and religion, scrumptious discussion!)

5. Mo Hayder (where do these twisted ideas come from and let me tell you about this dream I had)

6. Karin Slaughter (why, oh why, did you kill Jeffrey and not Sarah?  Then you could have had two ongoing series, Grant County & Will Trent.  Snivelling Sarah would be out of my life and we could explore Lena to our hearts content!)

7. Dean Koontz (let's talk about how your return to the Faith affected your writing as the themes are so obviously present to a Catholic)

8. Ruth Beechick (what are your suggestions on helping my autistic son get beyond a Gr. 2 reading level?)

9. Fr. Robert Barron ( I love you and am such a fangrrl! Write more books and group studies.)

10.  David Sinden of The Beastly Boys (My son loves your books so much.  Thank you!  Please write more on this level that he will like now that he is getting older but still reading at a low level.  Let's talk about writing for boys!)


  1. I love your list and I love that you included Joss Whedon because he's such a wonderful writer.


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