DVD Break: Shiloh

Shiloh - (1996) - (DVD) - (own)

 This DVD collection features four films with the theme "boy and animal". This movie is based on the novel by Phyllis Naylor Reynolds which won the Newbery Award and is the first in a trilogy.  I believe all three books have all been turned into movies as well.  I have not read the book, yet, but will someday as reading all the Newbery winners is one of my projects on the go.  This is your typical pull-at-the-heart-strings dog movie.  I don't like dogs, in real life.  In a movie or in a book, I'm far enough away from the things I don't like to appreciate them as a character and I've certainly read my fair share of dog books though I do tend to stay away from dog movies.  All that aside, this was a nice little movie.  The Beagle of course is cute and the movie continuously is pulling at the watcher's emotions.  My son thought it was unreal that a human could be so mean to an animal nor was he impressed with the boys father's strictness.  Ds is terrified of dogs in real life (for no particular reason; it's just a quirk of his autism) so he didn't have any emotional response to the movie at all.  But he sat there quietly watching the whole thing and I can tell he enjoyed it though when asked he said "There was no adventure!" I enjoyed the movie, despite it not being my type of thing, the young actors played their roles very well. A good family movie that will (normally) pull at the emotions but everyone can rest at ease that this is no dead-dog movie.


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