DVD Break: Duma

Duma- (2005) - (DVD) - (own)

 This DVD collection features four films with the theme "boy and animal".  Of all the movies on this collection, this is the only one I had previously seen; on TV and not straight from the beginning.  I told my son I'd seen this one so of course he choose it as the last movie for us to watch. LOL. Duma is one of the best nature movies you will ever see.  This is a genuine film, set in South Africa about an abandoned cheetah that is taken in by a farmer's family and raised to become the beloved pet of Xan the 12 year old boy.  They start off knowing that they will return him to the wild when the time comes, before it is too late.  Many things happen and the boy ends up running away from home with the cheetah going across the country to return the cheetah to where they found him by himself.  This is his adventure.  A very realistic movie with fantastic cinematography of Africa: the desert, the grasslands, the farmland.  This movie also pulls at your heartstrings, though neither autistic son nor I were too emotionally invested, except that we loved the cheetah, Duma.  This is fantastic family fare and highly recommended but adults will enjoy this without any kids as well.

After watching all of the movies, ds is refusing to donate the DVD to the library.  So we will be hanging on to it for the time being.  In order our favourite movies were:

12yo ds: Duma>The Amazing Panda Adventure>Shiloh>Flipper

Me the Mum: Duma>Shiloh>Flipper>The Amazing Panda Adventure.


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