Mini Movie Review: Shutter Island

Not watching many movies this year but dh and I did watch one last year.  So here's my unrated, mini-review (aka rambling thoughts)

Shutter Island - (2010) - (Netflix)

Hubby and I watched this while having a quiet night at home. I've never read the book, nor have I read any Dennis LeHane books at all. We enjoyed it, lots of twists and suspenseful. Neither of us are huge Leonardo DiCaprio fans, but he was good in this movie. Dh found it a bit too long, would have liked something just under the 2 hours. That doesn't bother me but I was expecting a final twist. I'd already assumed the ending would be the way it did end and couldn't believe there wasn't one more twist thrown in to stun the audience, otherwise it was a fairly typical plot which has been done before. Good, not great. However, I think this may have made a better book than movie and it has inspired me to finally getting around to read a Dennis LeHane in the near future. 

Any suggestions with which book I should start with?


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