Watching in January

Well, I kept away from the small screen this month more than I had wanted to.  I had a very successful reading month, getting on a roll reading 33 books this month, that it left me with very little time to sit in front of the screen.  I always feel like I'm not doing anything when I watch TV, which isn't fair to myself but I do hope to try and cure myself of that.  Maybe I'll pick up knitting again.

Anyway, I did absolutely no TV surfing at all.  We did go to the movies for our anniversary and saw MI 4.  We both love Tom Cruise (for different reasons LOL) and had a good time.  My brief review:

1. Mission: Impossible IV Ghost Protocol - (2011) (theatre) I don't have a lot to say about this. Dh and I went to see it on date night. We enjoyed it. Of course. We both like Tom Cruise (for different reasons, hehe) The movie was just what you'd expect but I didn't enjoy it as much as the others. It was just more *tame*. It certainly deserved its PG rating; we could have taken our son to see it. Their was lots of action but no real violence and Tom didn't even have a love interest! So no sexy bits. But still I loved the action. We enjoyed our time.

As far as TV seasons, I've put them on hold for now as I'm watching Death Note anime online.  This is my very first time watching an anime after reading the manga series and it is quite an interesting experience.  I'm on episode 10/37.  They've made a big change in how they present the main character though which makes the dynamics totally different from the book which I'm not pleased with, otherwise they seem to be sticking fairly true to the events.

I must get back to watching Arrested Development though because I need to have finished that for when the new mini-series and movie come out.  So will start Season 2 sometime soon.


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