Memorable Memoirs Reading Challenge 2012 - FINISHED

ETA - Oct. 24:  I finished this challenge today by reading my 4th book as I had signed up for the "Diarist" level.  I will,however, keep adding books to the list until the official end of the challenge (end of the year).  I'm reading one now, so that's at least one more for the list!

And here's my last challenge I'm signing up for next year.  This challenge is hosted by The Betty & Boo Chronicles and sign-ups can be found here.  I'm a great fan of memoirs and always read a few every year so will be signing up for the first level "Diarist".  I'm already reading the diaries of someone which is a chunkster of a book, so I know I'll get at least one book read!

Diarist: read 1-4 memoirs

Autobiographer: read 5-9 memoirs

Memoirist: read 10+ memoirs

Books I've Read:

1. Dotter of Her Father's Eyes by Mary M. Talbot
2. Ethel & Ernest: A True Story by Raymond Briggs
3. War Stores: An Enlisted Man in Vietnam by Sephen G. Macdonald
4. Growing Up Bronx: A Memoir of my Shapers and Shakers by H.A. Hargreaves
Diarist Level Completed

5. Christened with Crosses: Notes Taken on My Knees by Eduard Kochergin


  1. Hi, I'm in the Memoriable Memoirs Challenge also. I like to stop by a few participates from time to time to see how everyone is doing and take a look at any books for more book titles.
    You are doing well.


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