234. Avalanche Annie by Lisa Wheeler

Avalanche Annie: A Not-So-Tall Tale by Lisa Wheeler. Illustrated by Kurt Cyrus (Canada) - (US)

Pages: unpaginated (approx. 32)
Ages: 4+
Finished: Oct. 13, 2011
First Published: 2003
Publisher: Harcourt, Inc.
Genre: children, picturebook, tall tale, winter
Rating: 3/5
First sentence:

In northern Michisota,
where the woolly Mooskins roam,
below Mount Himalachia,
Annie Halfpint makes her home.
Acquired: I'm visiting family and borrowed this from my niece.

Reason for Reading: I like legends, myths, tall-tales, etc. and this sounded cute.

A short, cute picture book tall tale of a large little girl who lassos and rides an avalanche into town so it doesn't cause destruction. Told in ABCB rhyme, it would make a fun read aloud. The first half of the book has a Dr. Seuss feel to it with made up words but by the middle they have dropped off. This matches the story telling as the first half concentrates on the silliness and the second on the action of the story. All around over-the-top silliness throughout, then that is what tall-tales are all about. I thought it was a fun book and think that little kids will as well, especially combined with the bold, full-page, comic illustrations of Cyrus.


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