205. Nola's Worlds Trilogy #3: Even for a Dreamer Like Me

Even For a Dreamer Like Me by Mathieu Mariolle. Art by Minikim. Translated from the French by Erica Olsen Jeffrey & Carol Klio Burrell (Canada) - (USA)
Nola's Worlds trilogy, #3

Pages: 136
Ages: 12+
Finished: Sept. 11, 2011
First Published: 2009 France (Nov, 2010 English trans.)
Publisher: Graphic Universe
Genre: Graphic novel, manga, YA, fantasy
Rating: 5/5

First sentence: 

All my life, people have never stopped telling me...

"You daydream too much, Nola."

Acquired:  Purchased a new copy via an online retailer.

Reason for Reading: Next & last in the series.

Wow.  A fantastic ending to this charming, whimsical trilogy!  I'm not going to give away too much on plot but previous events have lead to Alta Donna being in serious risk of survival and Nola finds out that her daydreaming has lead her to become a good storyteller thus the one who may be able to save not Alta Donna but the world where her friends Damiano and Ines have come from as well.  I'm still not letting on what the ferrets are all about but they are major characters in this final volume and everything is all finally brought together.  One can simply believe the ending as it is or one can ponder on the events and wonder, if anything, is really real. 

The characters are wonderful and one falls in love with them right away.  During the course of the three books they grow, develop and mature.  There are believable, real, faulty characters.  Nola is a terrific heroine but I think my favourite overall character was Damiano.  The strange boy from another world who has super agility abilities, so obviously has a crush on Nola (which is is mutual) that it is cute! A darling trilogy that will be a keeper on my shelves!


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