188. The War of the Worlds Graphic Novel

H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds by Ryan Foley. Illustrated by Bhupendra Ahluwalia. (Canada) - (US)
Campfire Classics

Pages: 71
Ages: 10+
Finished: Aug. 24, 2011
First Published: Jul. 5, 2011
Publisher: Campfire Graphic Novels
Genre: Children, graphic novel, classic, science fiction
Rating: 4/5

First sentence:
No one would have believed that his world was being watched keenly and closely, by intelligences greater than man's in the last years of the nineteenth century.
Acquired: Received a review copy from Steerforth Books.

Reason for Reading:  I enjoy graphic adaptations of the classics. 

It's been a few decades since I've read this original book and about time for a reread and this graphic adaptation makes me want to revisit the original.  As all Campfire Classics the book is set up in the same format with a brief bio of the original author, then a main charachters page, followed by the book and ending with a two page spread with further info on the topic and time period of the books content./when it was written.  I enjoyed the graphics, they were up to par with Campfire's usual realistic historical era drawings.  I appreciated how the illustrations showed many pictures of the Martians but never really gave a clear detailed close-up, leaving something to the imagination at all times.  They were often in the background or surrounded by mist or debris.  When up close they were in shadows, surrounded by laser beams, debris, etc.  An unusual device.  The story as far as I can remember back to the original and given Campfire's previous record, seems to have stayed close to the original.  One of Wells' better books and still relevant today, though we would have to change the planet Mars to another to make the story more viable.


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