148. Twin Spica, Vol. 2 by Kou Yaginuma

Twin Spica, Vol. 2 by Kou Yaginuma (Canada) - (US)
Twin Spica, Vol. 2

Pages: 192
Ages: 12+
Finished: Jun. 28, 2011
First Published: 2002, Japan (2010, English)
Publisher: Vertical
Genre: manga, YA, sci-fi, magical realism
Rating: 5/5

First sentence:

The year 2024 the first International Space Station, after many years in orbit, is completing its mission.

Acquired: Purchased a new copy from an online retailer.

Reason for Reading: next in the series.

I really love this series.  The story is incredibly interesting but it is the emotions of the characters that are entirely realistic and pull you into this unique sci-fi/magical realism manga tale.  Asumi sets off for her first day at Space School and says goodbye to Lion, as he cannot leave with her.  At Space School Asumi finds the training challenging but she is up to the challenge, taking classes in advanced mathematics and physics along with physical training such as jogging up to 20 laps a day.  Her two teammates from the trials are there, as is a boy she grew up with in her home town.  The dynamics of Asumi with each of these three and that of them with her are an intriguing look at personalities and how each copes with the same situations.  Everything would be perfect if not for one thing.  Unfortunately, Asumi has an unknown enemy on the school board who is working against her and whose aim is make her leave the school, but of her own volition. The book then ends with two short stories of "Asumi", the author's earlier work of Asumi as a child and a final short autobiographical story of author.  These were present in the first volume and I think are going to be a common element in each volume.  I really enjoy the stories of Asumi as a child, they add greatly to gaining insight to her character and of course, contain Lion as well.

I think I'm going to concentrate on this series now, after the one I'm currently working on.  Up to volume 8 (out of 16) have been published with vol. 9 just out now and the rest are on an every 2nd month schedule.


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