Baby Joseph Rescued!

Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! God is Good!

Baby Joseph is currently in a hospital in Missouri, US where he is finally receiving medical care and if is the case will be allowed to die naturally with dignity at home with his parents.

Doesn't he look happy?


  1. It is very sad about this baby and the grief of the parents. But taking him to the USA is not a real answer. He supposedly has a non-curable disease, fully understood by the treating doctors. The story was in the Canadian newspapers. We provide optimum care but there is a limit and a proper way to treat patients. Making sure that the patient is comfortable is the ultimate goal, even if that means that the parents' emotional requirements must be sacrified.

  2. First of all, I AM a Canadian.

    Second, thhe only answer to this is that life be respected and parents be allowed to choose how their children will die. There should be no limit on the way we will treat patients when they are ready to die. Joseph's parents were ready to accept this, wanted a trach done so that could take their baby home so he could die in their home surrounded by family instead of sterile hospital equipment and staff whose job it is *not* to become emotionally attached to patients. The drs did not want to make Joseph comfortable. They wanted to remove his breathing tube sonthat he would choke to death. That is a very uncomfortable way to die!

    Doctors do not have the right to decide to kill children (or any patient) because they are done treating them. Every single human being has the right to die at home in their own bed surrounded by loved ones.

    Before Christmas Dr's killed a minister originally from Thailand in Brampton hospital because his next of kin was not in the country, even though they had voiced their opinion not to withhold water and starve him to death. And right now, yesterday in fact, a 6 year old boy, Noah, had DNR written on his file against his parents wishes at Toronto's sick kids and they don't even know what is wrong with him! Simply that he has suffered some degree of brain damage. Parent's rights must be respected in these cases, Dr's cannot decide to kill a patient because they don't think their life is worth living.

    Parent's are the ones who should decide how their children will die. Joseph's parents know he will die. But only God knows when.


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