Looking to join a couple to new challenges

Anybody have any suggestions for me? I only have one challenge on the go now. The Mystery & Suspense challenge. I have a few criteria to join a challenge:

1. must run all year (end in Dec.)

2. must be a type of book I already read. (ie I officially finished the ARC, graphic novel & Canadian challenges so far this year. )

3. must be a decent amount of books (at least 12+, preferably more) so I don't look like the obsessive overachiever that I am. LOL


  1. This blog does its best to keep track of all the reading challenges circulating around:

  2. Thanks Kailana! I know about that site and will take a look at it. Was just hoping someone would come along name a few and I'd get excited, join them and save myself having to hunt through that site looking for one myself. LOL!


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