40. Toy Story: The Mysterious Stranger

Toy Story: The Mysterious Stranger by Dan Jolley. Art by Chris Moreno (Canada) - (US)
Toy Story Graphic Novels, #1

Pages: 112
Ages: 8+
Finished: Feb. 15, 2011
First Published: Sept. 29, 2009
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Genre: children, humorous, graphic novel
Rating: 3/5

First sentence:

"Hurry up, Andy! We don't want to be late!"

Acquired: My ds received this as a present for Christmas.

Reason for Reading: I've read the last two Toy Story GNs; I figured I'd read the first one too, since it was so handy!

This first trade collection of Toy Story comics is similar to the last volume that just came out "Some Assembly Required" in that each chapter is a different short story. Which still makes volume two "The Return of Buzz Lightyear" my favourite as it was one continuous story. That said this wasn't bad for a collection of short stories, some were better than others. The first is the titular story where Andy hurries off to be somewhere and leaves a strange egg shaped toy in the middle of his room. The toys are in an uproar wondering what kind of new toy it is, who it will replace, trying to get it to talk, etc. Buzz and Woody are trying to talk reason to calm everyone down that Andy loves all his toys, even when he gets new ones. While other toys are secretly trying to do away with the sinister egg. The ending is funny.

The second story involves Andy's science fair project. The toys are admiring it just before Andy comes in to take it to the school overnight and Rex accidentally knocks a small piece off. This is when the toys take an adventure and end up at the school gym keeping the night security guy occupied with their antics while they try to find Andy's project and replace the part.

The next one is quite funny. Andy is home sick from school and it is just shortly after he got his new puppy. The puppy catches the toys walking and talking and they clatter into stillness but he's not fooled. The puppy now does everything he can to get the toys to accidentally move or speak when Andy is around. Things such as throwing Bo Peep over the balcony! The toys have to figure out some way to make friends with the puppy, who is not that interested.

Finally we end with a story about the Army Men. I like the Army Men! One man accidentally gets knocked into Andy's school knapsack and the Men are worried about his return. They've lost men before and have had enough. Sergeant decides it's time to tell Andy they can speak! Can the other toys convince them this is not a good idea? And will the missing Man return unharmed?


  1. Thanks for the review! I've been reading The Return of Buzz Lightyear with my son but haven't seen the other ones yet.


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