37.-38. Campfire Classic Graphic Novels: A Christmas Carol & Call of the Wild

Publisher: Campfire

Acquired: Received review copies from Campfire.

Reason for Reading: I was introduced to this new imprint of Graphic Novels out of India and was very impressed with their selection and often unique titles. They are distributed here in North America through Random House and I thought I would check them out. These are both from their Classics line. They also have Graphic Novel lines under Mythology, Biography & Originals.

37. Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol by Scott McCullar. Illustrated by Naresh Kumar. 72 pgs. 2010. Ages 11+. An extremely well done graphic adaptation of Dickens' classic. The book is true to the original, keeping all salient plot points as well as lesser but defining moments It also pays close attention to developing Scrooge's character over the course of the evening. In fact, I found all the characters to be well written, as at times, in other adaptations some can be over done (Christmas Present, Fezziwig, Fred, etc.) The illustrations are artistic in style and match the tone of the book. I'm not too fond of some of the facial elements but that's just me vs. the artistic style. The facial close-ups are more appealing to me aesthetically than the mid scene ones. An impressive read for my first foray into Campfire's line of Graphic Novels. (4/5)

38. Jack London The Call of the Wild by Lloyd S. Wagner. Illustrated by Sachin Nagar. 71 pgs. 2010. Ages 13+. A top-notch graphic adaptation of one of my favourite classic novels. This graphic version is amazingly true to the novel. It evokes the same emotions and is as powerful a story as the novel. I can not think of anything that has been left out. The beginning scenes of Buck at home with the Judge are brief though and the graphic version quickly moves to and then concentrates on his Arctic experience. Very emotional read, and hard to read at times as the graphic version keeps the brutality of the original and there are some very graphic scenes not suitable for young readers. The illustrations are highly detailed with full backgrounds, using artistic devises and a pleasure to behold. Another impressive graphic adaptation of a classic story. (5/5)


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