24. Batman: Mad Hatter's Movie Madness

Batman: Mad Hatter's Movie Madness by Donald Lemke. Illustrated by Gregg Schigiel & Lee Loughridge (Canada) - (US)
DC Super Heroes series

Pages: 51
Ages: 8+
Finished: Feb. 4, 2011
First Published: Aug. 2010
Publisher: Stone Arch Books
Genre: children, action, superheroes
Rating: 3/5

First sentence:

Tim Drake stepped out of a limousine in front of the Gotham City Cinema.

Acquired: Received a review copy from Stone Arch Books.

Reason for Reading: This book is too hard for my ds to read on his own and will be read aloud by dh as a bedtime book. But I like my superheroes too and wasn't going to miss out on the fun!

Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake go to the premiere of a new 3D Alice in Wonderland movie. Due to unforeseeable circumstances Bruce looses his pair of glasses and can't get another pair. Which is fortunate for him! Because the Mad Hatter has fitted the glasses with a device to brainwash all the wearers to do his bidding and that night at midnight there is a rush of jewelry store robberies. When Batman gets ready to answer the call, Robin is nowhere to be found and the Batcycle is missing!

A fun book and story. Written and illustrated by comic industry professionals, the story and characters all have an authentic feel. Each chapter has at least one full page illustration, some even have two, the pages of pure text are broken up for the reader by using comic book style graphics, in colour, for all the sound effect words. This nicely breaks up a two page spread of text which may otherwise seem daunting to reluctant readers. Lots of fun. Batman has always been my favourite DC hero.


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