Goals for 2011

I don't usually have any firm goals when it comes to my reading but this year I do, as I see I've been floundering a bit and not accomplishing what I'd really like to with my reading so I'm going to set some goals that I would like to accomplish that I can reflect back on each quarter of the year and see how I'm doing and if they give me any direction or sense of accomplishment.

1. My personal "Read Stephen King in Chrono Order" has been stuck since the end of 2008 when I hit The Stand. Since I've already read the original, I'm going with the expanded, uncut version at 1500 pages and it is now 2011 and I still haven't read it. So as soon as Jan. 1 comes around I will finish my current fiction read and put everything else on hold while I settle down to read Then Stand. At the same time I will read a graphic novel a day to get my personal and ARC backlog caught up and give me something to post each day. I'm hoping I can read 100 pgs a day of The Stand, taking me approx. 15 days to read. completed

2. Speaking of GN's. Last year I read the Fables series and got caught up with it. This year I was toying with The Sandman but that's a big commitment with all the side stories so instead I want to read the Bones series for this year. 9 Graphic Novels plus a prequel (I've already read Tall Tales) and the new chapter book(s). started

3. I have created a database of all the novels coming out this year that I want to read and I am going to stick to it as far as ARCs are concerned. This doesn't include non-fiction, GNs or manga though. There are also a couple of children's publishers that I work with differently but still this should cut down on my ARCs quite a lot this year and allow me to catch up on some of my backlog. started

4. I want to read books I already own this year! I was thinking of randomly picking a bookshelf and working on reading the books on that shelf as a fun random project. Then passing most of the books along and out of my house. In fact, I really want to do this I'm just afraid I'll fail miserably. If I succeed at Goal #1 above, I'll commit more heartily to this one. started.

That's it for now. 4 goals is lofty enough for me to put in writing!


  1. They all look very reachable goals
    Best of luck

  2. Goals are good! They keep us focused and happy when we work to accomplish them. I hope you succeed!

  3. Off topic for this post, but...thank you for standing for life!


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