269. Torment by Lauren Kate

Torment by Lauren Kate (Canada) - (US)
A Fallen Novel, Book 2

Pages: 452
Ages: 14+
Finished: Dec. 1, 2010
First Published: Sep. 28, 2010
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Genre: YA, paranormal romance
Rating: 3.5/5

First sentence:

Daniel stared out at the bay.

Acquired: Received a review copy from Random House Canada.

Reason for Reading: next in the series.

First I'll mention that this is one of the most stunning covers I've ever seen. I love b/w photography and the design here is breathtaking. Now on to the book.

I can't really give a summary as not much happens in Torment. Luce is sent to an exclusive boarding school which just happens to have a special class for Nephilim and amongst the Nephilim Luce can be hidden from those who seek to destroy her. In the meantime Daniel and Cam have made an 18 day truce between the angels and demons to work together to kill those who seek to kill Luce. Thus the book takes place over those 18 days. There's a lot of Daniel and Cam getting the bad guys, the bad guys trying to get Luce, Luce getting herself into trouble by disregarding the rules she's been given and Luce learning more about the shadows, the Announcers, and how to control and use them.

There is a lot of "Twilight syndrome" going on here in Torment. Daniel has become demanding, giving Luce rules and instructions to follow without reasons, he orders her around and isn't telling her everything. He has become the dominant male species. While Luce, when she is away from and gets close to Daniel feels the overwhelming passion, desire, pull and love for him. Regardless, she is no Bella. Luce starts questioning Daniel's behaviour and doesn't take kindly to being pushed around even though she can't get past the inhuman passionate bond they share. What all this amounts to is a bunch of not much happening, making the book a slow read leading up to an anti-climax that ends in a "to be continued" manner with no resolution.

I did really enjoy the two new characters introduced that befriend Luce, both Nephilim. Shelby her roommate, a no nonsense type of girl who at first resents Luce for her infamous reputation. And then Miles, a watered down Nephilim, with the Angel in his heredity in the distant past. Miles is a friend Luce can count on and one who might become more than just a friend.

My problem, same I had with the couple of Twilight books I read, is that I don't like Daniel. I'm not rooting for Luce and Daniel. I want him to turn out a bad guy and in the end I want Luce and Miles to end up together, just a couple of regular people (well almost) in real love, not some earth shattering, passionate, end of the world, meant to be, for infinity, lust-love. Won't happen though. Just like it was obvious Edward would win in the end, Daniel will also.

I had thought this was going to be a trilogy but they are calling book three "the next book in the Fallen series" which sounds ominously like there are plans for a 4th book and so on. If this does conclude in a trilogy I will read the third book when it comes out to see how it all ends. If more are planned, I'll just wait until the series is done and see if I still feel like reading them when that time comes.


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