264-265. Disney Fairies Graphic Novels

Disney Fairies Graphic Novel series by Various Authors

Age: 7+

Publisher: Papercutz

Reason for Reading: Book #2 is a Cybils '10 nominee and as a panelist for Graphic Novels this is required reading for me. So I decided to go back and read #1 as well to get a feel for this series.

264. #1. Prilla's Talent. 74 pgs. Apr. 13, 2010. - I'm not a Disney fan so was not looking forward to reading this book but was pleasantly surprised. A collection of short stories about the fairies in Neverland, each one features a different fairy as the main character but Tinker Bell is in them all and the various fairies mostly turn up in every story as well. The stories are actually quite well-written and engaging. If I was a little girl I would certainly be entertained by these 4 stories which introduce five fairies in particular, though others are featured as well. The only problem is that the books are small, meaning the print is very tiny but otherwise the whole collection is cute and fun. 3.5/5

265. #2. Tinker Bell and the Wings of Rani. 73 pgs. Jun 22, 2010. This time I have a paperback copy and its covers are all sparkly with fairy dust and Tink's wings all glittered! Vol. 2 manages squeeze in 5 stories and again, not being a Disney fan, I do say the stories are quite well-written and engaging. The stories are fun and they deal with various issues that little girls will relate to such as a friend being mad at you seemingly for no reason, and doing what the popular girl does. Tink always shows up in the stories, while the other 4 main fairies are in and out of the stories, always allowing for new fairies to be introduced as well. Better than I expected, cute and fun! 3.5/5


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