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The bookcase I chose to review from CSN Stores was shipped on May 20 and arrived on May 24. I was very pleased with such quick delivery. Unfortunately, once we unpacked the pieces we found that the top corner of the two side boards had been chipped. From the wear of the box, it looks to have been done in transit. If I had paid for the item I would have called Customer Service at this point but we decided to go ahead and put the case together as we figured once it was put together it probably wouldn't be noticeable even though you can quite evidently see the damage in the picture here.

After a bit of hesitation in trying to figure out step 1 in the instructions, I took over as instruction reader whilst hubby put the case together and everything went smoothly from that point on. Here we have the frame put together and the back hammered on after about 15 mins. Now to take it upstairs to the bedroom.

So we brought the case upstairs and easily slipped in the other bookshelves. I loved the little thingies that hold the shelves. I've never seen this kind before. I should have taken a picture of them but they are metal with one end that pokes into the hole and the other end has been flattened into a round shape for the shelf to sit upon. Very sturdy. Here's the case in my room waiting for some books.

As one can see the chips are not noticeable on the finished product. One must look down from on high to see them so we are not bothered, as so far we have never swung from the ceiling. All in all I am pleased with my new bookcase!

Now to fill with books!


I've left this picture on flickr so you can CLICK on it and have a close up at the books but the titles do get blurry the larger you make the picture. This is my TBR Pile. Well, no longer in piles. These are the books from which I choose to read, adding only the occasional library books.

Starting on the top shelf those three books by themselves are two books I bought and one that was gifted to me that I must get to right away and um, haven't yet. Then the rest of the books are my current 2010 Review Books (Fiction). I am trying to keep this under control and am still trying to get out from under having been away on vacation for 3 weeks in April!

Shelf 2: These are all the books I've won and haven't read. Clearly I should no longer enter contests!

Shelf 3: On the left hand side are the non-fiction books I have lined up to read in no particular order except at the front are Review Books (1), then won books (1), (I'll read these first) then the rest consist of bought books and a small collection from shelves around the house that I want to be reading next. On the other side are my unread graphic novels. These are in a particular order. First we have library books (only 1 at a time), then Review Books, then won books (1), then bought books, and finally single issue comics (usually from my son's subscription).

Shelf 4 & 5: These {ahem} are Review Copies from {cough}2009{cough} that I haven't {gulp} managed to read ... yet {added enthusiastically!}. I will read them. I'm actually dying to read most of them. So come Hell or high water I will somehow get to them. But there is no way I will ever let Shelf 1 get out of control like that again. I read a lot of books every year (and some of you read even way more than I do) but still there are only so many books one can read. I must admit to that fact.


  1. I think it looks great, and you are so much more organized in the shelving of the books than I am. Don't feel bad about the backlog of review copies. I actually have a few from 2008 (gasp!) on my shelf, but I'm working my way through them.

    The chips in your shelf were worse than mine, but at least you can't see them. I just turned those little flaws toward the wall.

    Now you just have to fill those few gaps with more books! ;)

  2. Oh, those gaps are filling in already!

    Luckily, I started the year with 2 2008 review books which I read first to get them out of the way but going into 2011 is still going to see me with a good chunk of those 2009 books. Ah well, they'll get read. That's the main thing.


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